Cristina Peixoto, M.S.W.

President/CEO - Spaulding For Children

Ms. Peixoto has a background in teaching and counseling and over 30 years of experience working with families in a variety of settings. Ms. Peixoto began her professional career after earning a degree in clinical psychology at the University Newton Paiva and a master of science degree with emphasis in Childhood Psychiatry and Psychology at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Before moving to the USA in 1989, she worked with abandoned children and held an Adjunct Professor position at the University Newton Paiva. Ms. Peixoto started her career in child welfare services in the United States in 1991 as an adoption specialist, and moved on to various management and leadership positions.

Ms. Peixoto has a solid record of working collaboratively with local and state stakeholders to improve child-welfare services. Ms. Peixoto joined Spaulding for Children in 2010 as Vice President of Child and Family Services and became President/CEO of Spaulding on 1/3/2017.

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