Jana Lihn Rosenfelt, M.Ed.

Executive Director

Jana Rosenfelt has been the Executive Director of The ChildTrauma Academy since 1999. As Executive Director, she is responsible for providing leadership and direction for all of activities of The ChildTrauma Academy. She leads the CTA Administrative Team and works in collaboration with the Senior Fellow and the Director of Programs to organize and administer the various programs and projects of the CTA. Under her leadership, the CTA became an independent not-for-profit organization in 2001, making the transition from a Medical Institution affiliated Center of Excellence to the innovative “Community of Practice” which has allowed the CTA to have a more pervasive and far-reaching positive impact on children and families across the world.

Prior to becoming the Executive Director of the CTA, Ms. Rosenfelt served as a member of the ChildTrauma Academy clinical team and managed the Burnett-­‐Bayland research project, focused on exploring affect development of adjudicated adolescent males in the juvenile justice system. She also served as the director of CTA’s Living Laboratory, an innovative pilot program for at-risk children which included a range of unique community partners including many members of Houston’s artistic community to provide enrichment activities for maltreated children. This pilot project was the precursor of many of the current CTA community building (KidZone, Philadelphia) and therapeutic projects (The Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics). She is the co-author of many of the CTA’s special materials for parents, caregivers, educators and interdisciplinary teams.

Ms. Rosenfelt received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Texas: Austin and her Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology: Counseling from the University of Houston. Upon graduation, she completed a fellowship at Houston Child Guidance Center, working with children and families in their Partial Hospital Program and Therapeutic Nursery. Ms. Rosenfelt provided therapeutic services as a post-fellow clinician in the Partial Hospital Program until joining the ChildTrauma Academy.

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