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Featured Classroom-Based Themes

Classroom-Based Training Theme

Mental Health Considerations

Classroom content explores:

  • Appropriately diagnosing children

    The complexity of appropriately diagnosing children with mental health conditions when they have experienced separation, loss and trauma.

  • Accurate and sensitive language

    Accurate and sensitive language to describe behavioral symptoms and diagnoses.

  • Resources and services

    Resources and services for children who may have mental health challenges

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Classroom-Based Training Theme

Separation, Grief, and Loss

Classroom content explores:

  • Losses can impact feelings and behaviors

    Various losses that children may experience and how these losses can impact their feelings and behaviors currently and in the future.

  • Ways that children grieve

    Ways that children grieve and how it often looks different than the way adults express grief.

  • How to support children

    How to support children in acknowledging their losses and grieving them over the life cycle.

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Featured Right-Time Themes

Recognizing that adults learn best when the information is applicable to their own situation, the NTDC has created a component of the curriculum called Right-Time Training.

Right-Time Training Theme

Sensory Integration

Right-time materials explore:

  • Impact a child’s ability to interact successfully

    How early childhood trauma and neglect may impact a child’s ability to interact successfully with their outside world

  • Sensory seeking and sensory avoidant symptoms

    Examples of sensory seeking and sensory avoidant symptoms that children can experience.

  • Proactive and new parenting techniques

    Proactive and new parenting techniques that ensure children’s sensory needs are being met

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Right-Time Training Theme

Life Story Birth and Adoption Story

Right-time materials explore:

  • Support positive identity development

    Children’s need for clarification and integration regarding their birth story to support positive identity development.

  • Helping children integrate their life story

    The parent’s role in helping children integrate their life story, including the periods before and after adoption.

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