Be attuned to the child’s needs and being prepared to alter your routine to meet their needs.

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Featured Classroom-Based Themes

Classroom-Based Training Theme

Creating a Stable, Nurturing and Safe Home Environment

Classroom content explores:

  • Sense of security

    Approaches for developing and maintaining daily routines that will provide a sense of security for children.

  • Family routines and rituals

    Opportunities to change family routines and rituals to meet the needs of children instead of making the children change to meet the family routines and rituals.

  • Psychologically and physically safe

    Strategies to help children impacted by trauma and loss feel psychologically and physically safe in the home.

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Classroom-Based Training Theme

Kinship Parenting

Classroom content explores:

  • Kinship care

    How kinship care can change family roles, causing tensions with extended family members, birth families and children.

  • Protect the safety

    Setting limits with birth parents in ways that protect the safety of children while demonstrating the importance of the birth parent to the child.

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Featured Right-Time Themes

Recognizing that adults learn best when the information is applicable to their own situation, the NTDC has created a component of the curriculum called Right-Time Training.

Right-Time Training Theme

Preparing for and Managing Visitation

Right-time materials explore:

  • Role of parents

    The role of parents who are fostering or adopting in preparing for and managing visitations.

  • Strategies

    Strategies to help prepare children for visits with their families.

  • Importance of visits

    The importance of visits for children even if results in their behaviors becoming disruptive.

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Right-Time Training Theme

Managing Placement Transitions

Right-time materials explore:

  • Transitions

    The impact transitions have on all aspects of children’s life including emotional, educational, relational and physical.

  • Staying connected

    Strategies to stay connected before, during and after a transition has occurred.

  • Staying flexible

    Staying flexible to meet children’s needs during transitions.

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