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Featured Classroom-Based Themes

Classroom-Based Training Theme

Child Development

Classroom content explores:

  • Child Development

    Typical child development as well as disruptive child development.

  • Parenting children

    Committing to parenting children based upon their development level and not their chronological age.

  • Supporting children

    Supporting children in reaching their unique and full developmental potential.

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Classroom-Based Training Theme

Effective Communication

Classroom content explores:

  • Sensitive Issues

    Strategies to discuss difficult/sensitive issues with children in a supportive manner.

  • Empathy

    Strategies to convey empathy.

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Featured Right-Time Themes

Recognizing that adults learn best when the information is applicable to their own situation, the NTDC has created a component of the curriculum called Right-Time Training.

Right-Time Training Theme

Building Parental Resilience

Right-time materials explore:

  • Physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being

    Why maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being is important for parents who are fostering, adopting, or providing kinship care.

  • Self-care

    Why self-care is a necessary component of good parenting and essential to strengthening resiliency.

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Right-Time Training Theme

Accessing Supports and Services

Right-time materials explore:

  • Support network

    The benefits of a support network and strategies to develop this type of network.

  • Sign of strength

    How seeking services and supports for both the child and parent who is fostering and/or adopting is a sign of strength.

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